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Hi, my name is Josh, I am a accessible website designer and developer.

I have worked for the last few years across roles in marketing, sales, website design, development and content creation. Working across small family-owned businesses to large-scale organisations.

Freelance has always been a dream of mine, so begins my adventure in building my own personal brand JH Website Development. Contact me to begin your journey to growing your online presence with accessible web design.


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Website accessibility is designing and developing websites in a way that ensures equal access and usability for all individuals, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

The key benefits to accessible design are:
  • it helps to reach a wider audience
  • it improves Search Engine Optimisation
  • it can help increase your chances of government funding
  • it can also help prevent unwanted law suits
  • it improves the public perception of your business
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Web Design
My website design process is made up of four key areas.

  • gather information on your business
  • understand how you currently advertise your service (what is or isn't working)
  • define the key goals for the website project
  • understand who your target audience is
  • setting out a timeline for the key milestones of the project
  • planning out the basic blueprint of a website
  • focuses on structure and basic layout
Visual design:
  • using Figma (web design software) to transform wireframes into interactive designs
  • designing for the key breakpoints of a website (desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • planning spaces for additional content (text, icons and images)
Additional content creation:
  • support in finding images, improving written content and designing icons
  • adding the additional content will finalise the designs
Website hosting icon
Website hosting is like renting space on the internet for your website. It is a required service to give your website a place to sit online.

Website hosting is like renting space on the internet for your website. It is a required service to give your website a place to sit online.
  • the hosting part (making your site available on the internet)
  • SSL certificate (secures your website and provides the padlock next to your url)
  • 100 free form submissions (additional price when exceeding this limit)
Additional services can also be purchased at this point:
  • website updates (this includes basic updates to your site such as text changes, adding or removing content.)
  • analytics reports (connecting your site to a google analytics account and setting up monthly reports to track performance)
  • keywords report (I provide research on the trending search terms for website, adding these words into your content will increase your users)
  • heatmaps (connecting a third-party software called Microsoft clarity, to provide advanced analytics for your site.)
  • additional monthly form submissions
GDPR icon
Data protection (GDPR)
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are a set of rules that protect the personal data of the users of your website. The data protection regulations apply to any organisation that hold or processes personal information of EU citizens, regardless of where they are located.

I test each website against the following items:
  • ensuring your website is secure (SSL certificate)
  • adding a privacy policy with all the relevant information on how you plan to use and store data
  • adding consent check box for marketing emails
  • adding a cookie controller (if necessary)
  • ensuring any third-party services are also GDPR compliant
Search Engine Optimisation icon
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website so that search engines, like Google, will rank it higher in search results than other sites. This means that people searching for services or products are more likely to find your website.

I ensure all websites I create follow these SEO best practice tips:
  • providing all pages with an optimised meta title and meta description
  • ensuring a high-standard of website speed and performance
  • adding alternative text to all required images
  • producing accessible and responsive websites
  • prioritising customer experience
  • providing keywords for your written content
  • keeping websites up to date
  • using Google Search Console to check performance and index pages (makes pages appear in search results)


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I can help designing a website, improving an existing website, building a brand, building websites in Webflow, or improving the reach of your business.

Currently based in Worcester, United Kingdom - available for remote work.

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