The limits of AI - why you shouldn't use AI to create written content for the web

AI is great for a lot of different purposes: retrieving information, language translation, personal assistance and that is just at a basic level. The possibilities are endless, well nearly.

8 May 2023     7 min read
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Despite the rapid development in AI technology, it is not yet a viable solution for producing written content for the web. But why not? Well, there are a few reasons which we will take a look at in this blog.


AI relies on existing data to produce content. It collects information on a topic and stiches together several sections from across the internet to produce an outcome. While the content may seem well written, search engines, like google, can tell that the content is duplicated from other sites. Duplicated content will have a negative impact on your search rankings, reducing your visibility to potential customers.


Any marketer will tell you the importance of a consistent style across all content your business produces. You have set guidelines for colour, branding, fonts and writing style. These guidelines help you to become recognisable and build trust with your audience.

Relying on AI to produce written content can lead to inconsistency. Although AI can mimic certain tones and generic emotion in its writing style, it can’t mimic how you write. It will be obvious to your customers that you are no longer producing your content. A shift in style can be enough for a customer to lose trust in your business.

Imagine a customer calls your company every week and is greeted and dealt with by the same sales representative. This is a loyal customer that has a positive relationship with your business. Then imagine you replace the sales representative with an automated voice asking customers to order online. Your once loyal customer will lose their personal connection with you, which could lead to them taking their business elsewhere. In some instances, using AI to produce your written content can lead to the same outcome.

Human editing

One way to avoid the previously mentioned pitfalls of AI is to manually check and edit the content before you publish it to a platform. However, the quantity of changes required to fool search engines and your customers would be substantial. True, it could be quicker than writing your content from scratch, but can still take a lot of time and effort.

AI can be an invaluable tool, but it should not be solely relied on to produce your written content for the web. So, what is the solution? AI can be used for research, ideas and even to help you overcome writer’s block. The other option is to hire a professional. There are millions of great copywriters that can produce content for you. Some freelancers may even offer to do work for free to build their portfolio.


Put AI in its place, for now. In the ever-developing world of all things technological, the next break through in AI may render this blog useless.

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