Business cards, are they still relevant in the ever-changing digital world?

Business cards are often overlooked in today’s digital age. It is easy to forget the impact of traditional methods with the ever growing foot fall of digital marketing.

23 April 2023     4 min read
Business cards


Traditional marketing tools are vital for building a memorable business image that serves as a tangible reminder of your brand. In this blog we will discuss the impact a physical object has on the memory, how business cards help facilitate in-person networking and how they can be used to drive traffic to your digital presence.

Business cards are just a piece of paper

True, but they are also the first physical point of contact with a potential customer. Studies have shown that when we physically touch an object, it creates a stronger connection in our brain, making it easier to recall later on. This is known as the “tactile memory effect.” In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information and notifications at the touch of a button, physical objects, like a business card, can make the difference between a potential customer remembering you or not.

Facilitating in-person networking

The perceived value of a face-to-face connection has significantly decreased. Businesses meet with clients on video calls. Email and instant messaging are much more prevalent in the work place. These are not all bad changes. But you do lose the chance to make personal connections. Real conversations have a real impact. When you exchange a business card with someone, it creates the opportunity to build a real connection and begin a professional relationship.

Driving traffic to your digital presence

Well designed business cards point the client to your digital presence. One thing most start-ups struggle with is increasing traffic to their digital platforms without spending a fortune. By including website and social media handles on your business card, you can cheaply begin to increase traffic and engagement of your digital content. QR codes or other digital tools can be used to make it even easier for people to access your brand.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? A well-designed business card can have a big impact on generating high-value leads, producing a strong connection between the customer and your brand and driving traffic to your digital presence. Don’t overlook the value of that small piece of paper.