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Web hosting

A website needs to be hosted to be accessible to users on the internet. I provide a free hosting period with each of our website design packages.
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Secure website hosting

Website hosting is like renting space on the internet for your website. It is a required service to give your website a place to sit online. We strongly recommend to all customers, that you host your website through us. I provide secure hosting at a great price.

Included in all of my hosting plans:

- website hosting (making your site available on the internet)
- SSL certificate (secures your website and provides the padlock next to your url)
- free domain (I purchase and connect your domain, the www. bit, for no additional charge)
- 100 free form submissions (additional price when exceeding this limit)

Additional hosting features

Included in hosting with web support and advanced hosting:

- website updates (this includes basic updates to your site such as text changes, adding or removing content.)
- analytics reports (connecting your site to a google analytics account and setting up monthly reports to track performance)
- keywords report (I provide research on the trending search terms for website, adding these words into your content will increase your users)
- heatmaps (connecting a third-party software called Hotjar, to provide advanced analytics for your site.)

Free hosting period

Included in all of my website pricing packages are different periods of free hosting. When a go-live date is agreed I will host the site, starting the free hosting period. When this time is up, you will be billed the amount of the hosting package you select (monthly and yearly payments are available.)

Web form submission limit

Due to hosting charges, there is a limit of 100 form submissions per month. If you exceed this limit, it will cost you and additional £20 per month to increase the limit to 1000 submissions.

Please note, this is a cost directly from our hosting supplier and not JH Website Development. We suggest if you are using forms to keep track of your number of submissions you receive. If you get close to the 100 submissions and do not wish to pay extra, I can disable the form.

Website hosting cost

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