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Web development

Website development is the technical bit, transforming the web designs in to a reality. I develop all my websites using Webflow.
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Web development services

Web development is the process of transforming a website design in to a functioning website. I develop all my websites using Webflow. Webflow is designed to allow developers to build high-end, custom websites in quicker time. Some of Webflows best features allow me to:

- build custom animations that bring your website to life
- build websites with great organic search engine optimisation
- build responsive websites with a high-level of usability and accessibility

Web development process

My website development process is made up of five key areas:

Building the basics:
- developing the basic layout for each page (menus, footer and colours)
- setting font and heading styles
- setting any other key styling features (buttons, links etc.)

Developing the homepage:
- transforming website design in to a fully developed homepage
- ensuring the designs work across multiple breakpoints (desktop, tablet and mobile)
- first initial testing to ensure high quality

Developing all other pages:
- I work through each page one by one, developing new features where needed
- adding written content and images can also be done during this phase
- after all the pages and features are developed I will link all the buttons, menus and footers up

GDPR and accessibility:
- write and add the necessary privacy and cookies policies
- testing the site against our GDPR checklist
- using Webflow's automated accessibility checker as well as manually testing to ensure all website are accessible

- before we go live, I put my websites through vigorous testing
- checking across different browsers and devices to ensure a great user experience

Handing over demo links and go live:
- I will publish the website to a demo url to allow you to access and test the site before go live
- if any changes are needed, this is when we will tackle those
- agreeing on a go live time and date
- hosting the website (making it accessible to all users on the internet)

How long does development take?

Website development can take anywhere between 5 working days and a few weeks. Contact me for a more accurate timeline for your project.

Want to find out more about my services?

I am here to help if you have any other questions about our pricing plans, services and support.